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With more than 12 years experience in the electronic component market, when you need IC Orders come to IC Orders. As opportunities and challenges co-exist we can be your independent disttributor. We will help you find the part number you need and won’t let your BOM explode.

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Difficult to Find? No Stock? No problem

IC Orders provides stock and shortage electronic components to our varieties of our middle and high-end clients which are from industries such as Medical, Military, Aerospace, Computer, Peripheral, Telecommunications, AI, Robotics, Transportation, Smart Devices Manufactures etc,.




Medical IC

Memory IC

Memory IC



Industrial Diodes

Industrial Diodes







We Provide Everything You Need for a Stress Free Experience

Fast Delivery

Normally we will ship goods in 1 to 5 days after the payment have been received.

Competitive Price

Professional global sourcing team and OEM ODM EMS clients inventory asset management stock.


100% brand new original. Original source of documents, parts serial numbers for tracking.

Company Advantages:

With over 10 years experience with offering stock and shortage parts in IC chain industry.

Our sourcing channels are from Original Manufactures, Authorized agents, OEM/ODM Excess inventory.

Miltary parts, can offer COC from original manufactures

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Why Trust IC Orders?

Hundreds of satisfied customers and more each year

We insist in only offering to our clients 100% original brand new parts.


Our sourcing channels are from Original manufactures, Authorized agents, OEM/ODM Excess inventory.

We are committed to provide comprehensive electronic components supply chain solutions services for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Original Brand Manufacturers (OBM), Contract Manufactures, Electronic Manufacturer Service (EMS) and Independent Design House (IDH) both in China and overseas. Including Spot Buy, BOM Kitting, Inventory Asset Management

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